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The legacy of Indian Marble extends from the famous Makrana White Marble used in the construction of one of the Seven Wonders of the World – The Tajmahal – to the construction of the background and podium of the United Nations Assembly using yet another famous marble from India – The Green Marble. At M. G. Rockmin International we have always tried to give the same satisfaction and quality to the consumer and carry forward the tradition of making the Indian Marble stand amongst the best in the world.

M. G. Rockmin International
was incorporated in the year 1993 by two individuals who were fired by the enthusiasm of popularizing and offering the Indian Green Marble as being one of the best in the world. Their relentless efforts yielded fruits and today the promoters of M. G. Rockmin International – Mrs. Geeta Rao and Mr. Manohar Singh Rao have succeeded in making M. G. Rockmin International a name that is used for satisfying the connoisseurs’ ‘Quest for the Ultimate Green’.
We also offer blocks that are available for sale. Once you come to M. G. Rockmin you come to the right place to select the best reen in the best possible sizes, thickness and varieties. This is in line with our philosophy of treating the customer as being the king. It is hardly surprising that in a traditional industry like Marble industry, M. G. Rockmin is the only name that practices CRM – that is Customer Relationship Management. The customer along with the variety and quality has also not to worry about the quantity aspect. At M. G. Rockmin there is always ready stock of large quantity in all sizes and quality of Green Marble.
The practicing of CRM has also extended M. G. Rockmin’s reach from the Gulf countries which were earlier its main export base towards South-east Asia which is fast becoming addicted to the green marble supplied by M. G. Rockmin. When you choose M. G. Rockmin you select total quality green marble, which is the satiator for your quest for the ultimate green. Come home to M. G. Rockmin - your one stop and the only shop for the best green in the world.


Production :

The Factory is situated on Udaipur-Nathdwara road and is situated near the National Highway No.8 in Rajasthan.

The Factory is equipped with most advanced equipment together with a fleet of diamond gang saws, line polishers etc. using the latest technical know-how required for the international standards. The added facility of tiling plant with best polishing and cutting capabilities enables the company to make their unit a complete MARBLE HOUSE. In the manufacturing plant, the company has a pool of well qualified and dedicated personnel.

We own and operate exclusive green marble quarries in Keshariyaji and near Gogunda situated in Aravalli hills - the material from this quarry is sold in the name of Green Galaxy having excellent texture and pattern. . They have large deposits of blocks, and adopt the latest German and Italian technologies to extractand process precious varieties of marble slabs from the core of the earth. We have promoted systematic mining with imported equipment from the finest companies in the world, their operation is fully mechanized using the most modern Chain Saw, drilling equipment, front end loaders, excavators, air cushions, massive cranes etc. Production and processing is very meticulously monitored at every stage under most vigorous quality assurance criteria.